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Unicorn rainbow Temporary Hair Color Chalk Powder Disposable DIY Hair Dye

Unicorn rainbow Temporary Hair Color Chalk Powder  Disposable DIY  Hair Dye 


  • Type: hair color
  • Net: 5g
  • Color: yellow/ rosered/ purple/ gold/ coffee/ black
  • Ingredient: non-toxic
  • Highlight
 easy wipe on, wipe off color product! It's the creation of instant highlights. 

Use a temporarily highlight a few strands, do a chunking effect,

 the most intense colors possible in a temporary hair chalk, 

vibrant hair color that easily washes out in one shampoo,

the finest ingredients so there is never any damage to the hair. 

A product which gives you crazy color on a Friday night, and easily wipe off on Monday morning.

Usage step
step1: place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes from possible spillage
step2: using the color rub, rub onto the dried hair where you want to color completely and repeat
step3: massage into your hair to ensure the product is thoroughly worked though and is evenly spread.




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